Friday, October 18, 2013

Kate Winslet Covers November US Vogue in Duro Olowu Metallic Cape

First, I have to point out the 'fakeness' (like fashion non-enthusiasts say) of this cover; I mean, common! This is no good to the beautiful Kate. She's one of the few Hollywood women I adore when it comes to beauty and keeping it real. 

Well, fashion especially Vogue fashion is about portraying the best - what should be and not exactly the way it is.

Therefore away from that, the cover is .... beautiful! Beautiful is the word I use for extraordinary, different, more than pretty or sweet. It's more for things that appear simple, natural and refreshing. This cover is all of these and many more.

Photographed by (who else?) Mario Testino, pregnant Kate wears a Donna Karan black jersey dress that accentuated her curves perfectly and seals the look with a Duro Olowu shimmering violet metallic silk-jackard cape with free flowing locks and rose coloured lips...bam!  

More photos after cut.

I particularly love how the shimmering effect of this cape blends perfectly with her hair and skin tone... she's a very beautiful woman and Duro Olowu is brilliant.

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