Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Phone Conversation

Yesterday, a colleague of mine raised an issue which I found quite interesting. She said and I quote, "I don't think any lady in this age should by her own phone - what ever type it is, BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, etc She should get any phone she desires as a gift...yes she should".

Hearing this I was 1. Stunned (haven't figured out why exactly) 2. Bothered - I wanted to know why she thought and said, it definitely couldn't have been a random idea that just clicked somewhere in her head. She sounded convinced of it, because when I asked why she believed so she steered back at me in amazement like I was from a totally different specie of the woman-hood. She looked surprised as to why I ask that and more awed when I told her I bought the phone (iPhone) I'm using at the moment for myself because it is essential for my career.... My point I explained to her; I needed the phone, I ordered for it, got it and there, it's mine. So why do I need a man(her opinion of the giver) to buy me a phone.

Well, her rule is that a woman should have enough men (boyfriends, lovers,) in her life , enough to get her different 'toys' anytime she wants one but yes, she has to ask them all to have lots of options..just so many offers come by. 

My points are:
  • I get it, we all love gifts but how's it a gift when you have to ask different guys and most likely stalk them even though some might request something in between or after? 
  • Where then is the boundary between decency, prostitution and hawking? Because frankly 70% of these men request something in return even before they give that which requested.
  • Also, do women (these days) believe they need to be bought everything?
  •  Is getting all they (women) need a reason to get married these days...especially when they end up divorced after a very short time together?

These are just few of my questions...*still wondering*

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