Thursday, February 7, 2013

Clinique-al Experience

I attended the official opening of Clinique in Nigeria today. While the launch which was held at the Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel in Victoria Island, didn't quite have enough media representatives in attendance - compared to the MAC which launched same day, same venue - the brand packaging was quite brilliant, not often seen her.

Well, all good and perfect it's definitely great to have e an international skin brand as this officially be in Nigeria. Can't wait to participate in their upcoming activities and most assuredly start my trial period with all the lovely products I received.

The iconic beauty brand which recently opened a flagship counter in Essenza, shares three (3) Skincare Steps. These steps include; 

The Clinique Experience is an innovative way of selling skin care, makeup and fragrance that focuses on the interaction between the client and the Clinique Consultant. At every point of sale, The Experience is a dedication to making sure that our Consultants and Counters foster the type of Consultation and discussion that lead to a better understanding of skin.

Clinique is providing a higher level of education and opportunity to our Consultants.
Clinique is proud of the fact that our Consultants also don’t do “Beauty Muggings”, which means you won’t be sprayed, poked or pushed into buying anything you don’t want.

The Experience The Clinique environment includes same level seating for the client and the Consultant to allow for an intimate, in-depth skin assessment. Anyone coming to a Clinique Counter will be offered a seat and will always leave with great advice.
Most importantly, the Consultant is also equipped with tools that will enable her to provide a comprehensive skin consultation.  Clinique Consultants are being educated to provide a deeper understanding of each Clients unique concerns and custom-fit solution.

The Clinique Experience is a massive global initiative for Clinique and touches every aspect of our business – from design and merchandising to education and product development
Clinique has always aligned itself with what is best for skin and this is one more innovative way that we are bringing that difference to our Client.

Welcome Clinique! Welcome greater skin!!

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