Monday, September 10, 2012

Journey Through The September Issue, Part 1

I can't quite explain the top high level if adrenalin that flowed through me before I got a copy of my Vogue September issue. First I was super excited of being one of the lucky ones that'll read this special edition but then came the feeling that I might not be lucky after all as the store had  just 2 copies left. I couldn't hold the terror within me, the thought of not getting a copy kept me awake all night and in the morning of the next day my first call was to my friend Mareejay with whom  I had discussed how she should endeavor to get to the store as early as possible to get the last two copies..,I was excited when she informed me se was already on her way to the store by 9:30am. Seriously nothing else could get Mareejay or anyone to the bookstore in Lekki on a Tuesday morning but Vogue.

Her call came in while I was at the office around 10:15 while I was prepping for a photo shoot for the next edition, she got the last two copies!!!

Again, I couldn't believe my reaction when I got my copy I was literally shivering...sincerely I was.  I did a quick flip through and instantly thought I needed at least a week vacation to read no not just read devour this master piece. But there's just a lot yet undone and clients to satisfy, so no vacation for me at least for now. I concluded I'd spend the nights reading which should even help me pay more attention. I was surprised when I noticed I hadn't even opened past the first three ad campaign pages of the magazine, I felt unhappy. I needed my time, no special time was going be enough so somehow I needed to get to it..and come the following week- which makes a week and five days later after staring at it everyday on the table beside my bed I patiently indulged in this all time master piece. And one page at a time I journeyed through....

Yes the September issue is the biggest of the year and everyone should be a part of it. So it didn't surprise me when I encountered all major brands' ad campaigns on pages- brands who I think rarely run ads in print are all in this issue ; Donna Karan, Oscar de la Renta, DVF, DKNY,LongChamp, tibi, Vionnet Paristo the regulars- Chanel, Louis Vuityon, Valentino, Vera Wang, Ralph Lauren, etc taking numerous spreads....that's what I call being a part of the masterpiece, no brand should miss out on such.

It would be too plain to say Anna Wintour's Editor's Letter is great, it's a tribute to all the great minds who contribute to every edition through the years, from the fashion editors, beauty editors, features writer and editors, makeup artists, hair stylists and models, Anna 
praised them all and I liked that.

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