Friday, September 14, 2012

Getting Wu - oed

Think sexy chic, think leather, sassy, lace, sheath, sheer, bold, daring and most importantly a perfect blend of masculinity plus feminine(ity) which creates an outstanding smart casual look that I'll rock anyday.
Give me any piece from this collection and I'll rock any time of the day- day, evening and night because I'm all about functionality, being chic and comfortable.

Jason is one designer who has continued to create a spark with each  collection he has made to fat; his spontaneity thrills me specially. Looking through the entire collection one piece at a time makes me marvel at his level ingenuity; he passes a strong message across with so much ease and simplicity that makes me appreciate his style of design.

Jason Wu successfully wooed his audience - again, with this collection  which consists of different materials, ideas and cuts which somehow he constructed carefullly to make a fantastic story all together. After all amongst the things that determine a great collection, good construction, proper placement of cuts, fabric choice, and overall, neat finishing go a long way.. Jason Wu didn't fall out on any of these, I am beyond impressed and I hope that somehow I get to own one at least one piece from this collection.

Jason Wu has definitely developed past the young designer who made that spectacular dress for Michelle Obama...perhaps she will wear one or two of these unique pieces. Amazing is not close to a description of Jason Wu's collection and show

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