Friday, January 3, 2014

My Christmas Diary

It's been a fun season, lots of parties, outings and dinners.
My holiday season started with work, we had the most interesting client(s) event towards the end of the year 2013 and because it was December it was more fun than work – quite understandable right?

Closing off the work year two weeks before 2014, the festive activities had to start immediately :)

My friend (Isi) and I had planned a long list of activities - slumber party, dinner dates, movie nights, club nights, jet skiing, etc for the holidays and we had great fun doing it all.

Truly a memorable close to 2013…

From our first girls night out at Radisson Blu to the slumber party that was great fun - *highlight was the pool twerking competition* oh that was awesome!

After a long night - we actually slept by 6am..we had a short sleep before heading out to a private beach - but nothing fun happened there *sad face*

Back at home, we toasted to the year ending with champagne and smiles...

Another highlight of the season was movie night - we cuddled up on the sofas, chocolate and wine in place, we watched a very lovely movie -- The Great Gatsby. This is one movie I can't watch again...why? Because it ended sadly; I love happy endings :)

Many more fun *undisclosable* things happens but hey it's all about getting/sharing the best of the season...and oh we did!!

OK. In summary, this season so far remains one of my most exciting festive periods... So here's a big toast to the best gals.


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