Monday, January 6, 2014

Back to the Matter - 5 Style Essentials for the 9-5 Gal

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Just like the title implies, it's time to get to the main matter - work, life and the career...It took me like five days to come up with this post - why? Because firstly, the title came to me within seconds but I didn't know what exactly to write about. I thought, maybe what it feels like getting back to office, how to set the mind back to work mood and finally closet staples to reconsider for the new year..

I came to conclusion, I'm clear on how I feel for the new work year and also clear on having a resolution or not. But something I'm sure I and most peeps out there are not sure they've cleared for the new year - is their style resolution.

I know my style, I know how I want to be seen/addressed style-wise but I desire a strong change for my work looks. For 2014 I want more strong looks, more like 'power' looks. Casual formal is permitted but in a matured way not girly.

Finally, I summarized it into five essential style items for the working lady *big smile*

The five include;

* The Jacket: No not the regular jacket, a monochrome or boyfriend jacket. Both will be essential for the always-necessary LBD and the tank and pants/pencil skirt looks.

Vogue Australia senior fashion editor Christine Centenera

*The White Shirt: for that corporate look (white shirt on pant, skirt or the new trend - under that cute arm less dress). The purpose of the white shirt cannot be overemphasized. 

Olivia-Palermo-paired plain white shirt black cocktail dress 

*Statement Neckpiece: To spice up a favorite old top/skirt/pant that everyone now knows you wear occasionally or to sass up the evening for that office event or hang out with the gals...extra makeup(say red or orange lips) killer heels and yay you're good to go girl!

*Comfortable Shoes: Something I am known for amongst my colleagues is I wear what am comfortable wearing. It's sad and ugly to see a lady looking beautiful but walking weirdly because of her uncomfortable shoes - very bad! My constant message to ladies is; beautifully sexy killer heels are great but don't buy them if you cannot walk in them. Also, a fashion tip I've known and followed for a while is that it's best to go shoe shopping in the afternoon when your feet is a bit swollen..that way you don't get too small/tight.

*Xtras - Belts & Scarves: last year I discovered the power of a scarve over a dress or silk top. It's not just stylish it's sexy - makes the man think about your decollete plus if it's a super fine scarve you are sure to get a compliment..why? Because people are bored and think it embarrasing these days to compliment the shoes or bag, afterall they've seen same or similar. So, take some time to shop for 'fancy' belts *they can do wonders to any outfit - dress, skirt, jumpsuit, etc* and 'unique' scarves.

Colorful scarf to spice it all up! Jadore-fashion

Also... highlight the curves with a belt!

Here's another big one about scarves; remember how most offices - corporate ones especially, don't allow loud colors? With a fine scarve you can add color and sass to your outfit - yes even on Monday. And I very positive no boss will rebuke that. Wolah! You are the best dressed staff of the year...Enjoy!

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