Monday, January 6, 2014

HOW TO : Write a Mission Statement

How to begin: Grab a piece of paper & your favourite pen. Get seated somewhere comfortable & write down some questions. I like these ones, but they’re just examples to get your juices flowing. There are no hard & fast rules with this!

I am at my best when…
I am at my worst when…
What do I really love to do at work?
What do I really love to do in my personal life?
My natural talents & gifts are…
If I had unlimited time & resources & knew I could not fail, what would I choose to do?
My life’s journey is…

What would people say about you on your 80th birthday?
What do I consider to be my biggest future contribution to the most important people in my life?
Are there things I feel I should change or alter, even though I’ve dismissed these thoughts many times? What are they?
Imagine you could invite to dinner three people who have influenced you the most. Write their names & the one quality or attribute you admire most in these people.
Let’s think of balance as a state of fulfillment & renewal in each of the four dimensions: physical, spiritual, mental, & social/emotional. What are the single most important things you can do in each of these areas that will have the greatest positive impact on your life & help you achieve a sense of balance?
What are your values?
What is most important to you?
What are some goals you’d like to achieve this year?
What kind of image do you hope to project?
Is it similar or dissimilar to the image you’re projecting right now?
What are your roles in life?

Are you happy with them? 

Want more inspiration? Your mission statement doesn’t have to be straight-forward or plainly-spoken.

This Website has free templates for your mission statement.

Here’s another interesting way to write your mission statement.

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