Thursday, December 5, 2013

At Bruce Onobrakpeya's First Solo Exhibition in 7years

Me digesting the beautiful art of Bruce Onobrakpeya

I don't quite attend Temple Muse events - fashion sale, art exhibition and lots like that, but one I couldn't afford to miss was Bruce Onobrakpeya's first solo exhibition in 7years... I mean, who would? Oh well..

It's no joke the man is genius and another to see his great works was unavoidable. So, on Saturday 30th November (after battling so hard with what to wear) I set out - with excitement - to go meet the man of greatness - in art that is.

After several rounds of Temple Muse sumptuous canapes (never say no to their canapes..never) and glasses of Ruinart champagne later I saw reality and maybe a bit of artistic paradise in the works on display.

The exhibition, his 1st Solo in 7 years, is made up of exceptional pieces which reflect over 50 years of his outstanding career and is a must see. The exhibition runs from December 2-14, 2013

More photos from the event are up on Temple Muse Facebook page - HERE

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