Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Something about Szepesi

Model Szepesi is my latest discovery. There’s something charming about her…

True there’s always something captivating about a model but Melinda Szepesi is more than just looks. She wears an aura that compels you to keep staring; her gap tooth is enchanting too.

The 20-year-old Hungarian beauty has plenty of other impressive features to keep eyes amused.

Hailing from Tiszaújváros, Hungary, Melinda Szepesi is 5-foot-10-and-a-half and boats symmetrical facial features such as perfectly pink lips and piercing blue eyes.

Szepesi was discovered when she entered a modeling competition with a friend on Facebook. When she didn't get a callback, Melinda was persistent and re-sent an application.

After accepting her the second time, she learned that they never received her first entry.

Melinda and her friend won first and second place in the competition, respectively. 

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