Monday, June 17, 2013

Falling in Love is Good for the Adventurous

Over the weekend while watching a re-run of one of my favourite series, one of the acts in the movie mentioned how she was suddenly falling in love with a guy she just met. 

How they seem perfect together – how he makes her favorite meals, says the right things, they barely fought amongst other things… to her it was not good. It meant she was falling in love, which was bad of course. 

She called a friend over and shared the ‘problem’ with her; for minutes the friend wondered how having a guy that ‘gets’ you is a problem? She explained to the friend it meant she had something to lose….she says, “It’s like falling off a cliff, which is very bad and painful”.

While the friend encouraged her through her worries I thought falling off a cliff was adventurous and daring. 

Which made me conclude adventurous people should enjoy falling in love… but most times they’re the least in love.

Why is that?    

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