Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How High can you Fly?

Sometimes ago while thinking about, Ludacris' song - 'How low can you go?' a thought flashed through my mind, and I was like okay, 'how high can you go - fly, jump, aspire in life?'

As often said, attitude determines altitude. How good or bad your attitude determines how far - good/bad you'll go in life... First all, what's your attitude?

After careful thinking, I came up with few deductions...

* If you believe getting that job is going to be difficult because it is here and anywhere, then it's going to be difficult.

*If you believe you didn't get a deal because they found someone bigger and more 'established' (as they say here) then you're right.

My point, how you fly or ride determines your level of success or failure in life; beyond the obvious, it's beyond your faith, work matters.

Strong faith without good attitude - effort, input, desire, fire, etc is just waste...yeah, I believe everyone knows that already.

Finally, some basics that should be a regular to humans; live well, love right, think deeper, explore more but overall always see the best in all --- even people!!

*Just wanted to get it out*

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