Wednesday, June 26, 2013

T for TOM FORD: Tiaras, Trenches, Totes & Topless Girls for A/W '13

I always say Tom Ford doesn't do soft and slow, he goes in hard! *excuse my french*. It's either you go full or not at all ...there's no coming easy for Tom.

I literally screamed when I saw the release for the A/W campaign, the pants...dreamy! The totes with heavy zips and fur...redeeming! The blunt heels...vulgar! The trench coats and track suits...edgy! The glasses...sexily nerdy! 

Do I need mention the patterned gowns? Frankly, no real words here, just love.

Love to my 'daddy' who remains my fearless lover *in my head*

Having said all these words, which do not quite do justice, I shall return to my dreams and perhaps one day I'll be able to own some Tom Ford.

What's more sexy than beautiful ladies in sexy tiara's and striped peep-toe heels? *swoon*


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