Thursday, May 23, 2013

What’s Your Glamour?

Recently while reading an old edition of Elle magazine (one of the few things I love doing while sipping coffee) I stumbled upon an interview on one of my favourite designers – Thakoon Panichgul.

In the interview, Thakoon described ‘Glamour’ as having the confidence to wear casual yet intricate, cerebral designs…”which got me thinking; what defines casual in relation with glamour – I mean, how do you look glamourous at the same time simple, classy and casual to no point of looking mundane?

I’ve always been of the opinion (which I’ve found is true) that not everyone that says casual or even classy really means it ‘your’ way. In other words, the saying “one man’s meat is another man’s poison” fits appropriate. But in this contest one man/woman’s ‘Class’, ‘Sophistication’, ‘Casual’ is another man’s ‘Tacky’, ‘Trashy’, or even ‘Trendy’.

Dita von Teese

So how do we all come to terms with thoughts and sense of individual reasoning --- in fashion that is?
The Question: How do you become sure that that person’s idea of being/looking classy, casual, chic is yours?

The question especially has recently become a huge bother to me; it suddenly appears people – fashion people with whom I thought I shared ideas of ‘good’ class and style in relation with fashion apparently do not share my idea of it being fresh, clean, and crispy, rather theirs tends towards stuffed, stacked, overly stated, etc

Thakoon on other hand, believes it’s about wearing that casual yet intricate design with confidence but really is it just about confidence – even when wearing tacky?

What happens when someone – as often seen on the red carpet - wears ‘tacky’, ‘trashy’ with so much confidence thereby hurting our eyes and fash-emotions?

Oh well, I guess we just have to bear it right?


I’ll take no, in caps please – NO!

I’ll gladly pass on neither looking at such nor discussing it…there’s no point darling.  I will ignore!

One hurt there, another there, all in the name of confidence can be damaging to lives and especially brands.

In conclusion, I’d say to ‘confidence wearing’ people; “Please do make effort to live well, not too high on confidence that ruins images and brands, rather live the life out of each fashion/style piece you decide to adorn your body with; after all tomorrow is another day, you don’t have to wear it all today – crazy, charming, edgy, etc all in the name of layering or glamour”.

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