Saturday, March 2, 2013


Come on Let's,
Let's go to Lanvin..

Let's wear beautiful, body-fitting, soft-tone, wrap clothes..
Let's make lovely skirts we can wrap around the waist from fabrics..
Let's wear pastel bodice with luxury hand gloves...
Let's wear top s made with multiple ruffles of fine fabrics...
Let's wear sweet, romantic makeup that'll compel attention...
Let's get appropriate shoes - heels and brogues that compliment every look...
How about fur jackets, coats that speak volumes?
Or romantic lace that accentuate the body?
No, fine linen will do - soft and smooth is good for the body...
Let's take a trip back to the days when we wore well-pleated, A-line skirts ...
And fine corset that cop the breasts appropriately..
Let's sit back to see which one's...

No,let's not.
Let's have them all
Let's wear them all
Let's own,

More photos after the cut!

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