Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Perfect Patterns + Lavishing Layers = Vlisco 'Jeu de Couleurs' Campaign

Honestly, I don’t think I keep up with my personal life as much as I keep up with Vlisco’s always charming campaigns – I mean, why would I have the website bookmarked and also make it on the list of my must check websites in a week?

 As in, why not? I love the brand!

Vlisco is an amazing brand that I’m almost sure is occupied with equally brilliant people as the designs created. Yet another stunning campaign – ‘Jeu de Couleurs’ (which I discovered means 'Colours Game') of photos I already in the folder of my laptop’s ‘Screen Saver’, I love the concept, the design and the way maximum control put into the ambiance set for the story. Seriously, nothing like this comes from simple minds, they have a great team – one I wish I could be a part of considering my dear love for fashion and especially campaigns.
                                                                      More photos!

The Jeu de Couleurs campaign – shot by Dutch artists Freudenthal/Verhagen – was inspired by richly layered art and photography. Know for their work in fashion, advertising and art, Carmen Freudenthal and Elle Verhagen describes their style as ‘scened surrealist photography’. They typically use a lot of layers to tell a story through their work. 

This made the duo the perfect match for the Jeu de Colours collection, which is all about the playful effect of layering colour. Bringing this signature to the Vlisco campaign, the photographers created a lavishly layered effect by combining various prints and colours in each image, showing off Vlisco’s fabrics on the human body but also as bold backdrops.

Oh and there's the new website which I'm loving at the moment. The new website has different segments as before but with more colour, activity and attitude .... HERE

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