Thursday, January 3, 2013

Steve McCurry x Pirelli 2013 Calender Campaign + The Making Video

To celebrate its 40th calender edition, popular tyre company Pirelli signed photographer Steve McCurry to create the year's calender. Perhaps for a change I'm guessing, but if so, it turned out to be a fantastic idea.
I love the idea of the entire shoot, the local, slummy, lower class lifestyle approach portrayed is simply well thought out and beautifully executed.

All the way to Rio, photographer Steve McCurry and few beautiful models such as Adriana Lima, Liya Keyebe, Sonia Braga, amongst others traveled for the shoot which is perfectly different from the past nudity too!

Speaking about the shoot, Steve McCurry famously known for his shoot of Afghan Girl said,
“Being selected to shoot the 2013 Pirelli Calendar was a great honour, the beauty of Rio made it the perfect backdrop. Known for its soul, energy and remarkable socio economic transformation, Brazil is a country which has taken her place among the fastest growing and most vibrant countries on earth. Rio’s varied landscapes of ocean, mountains and jungle, combined with a dynamic urban culture, made it a wonderful location to shoot the people whose faces you will see in these pages. Rio’s people are every bit as amazing as the spectacular landscapes. I was inspired by their hospitality, warmth and generosity. I wanted to photograph a mix of everyday people combined with a very special group of women known not only for their talent and beauty, but also for their charitable work and contributions to their communities. I also enjoyed photographing wall art all over the world, the spirit of Rio came alive through the images and words on the walls. Wall art, popularly known as graffiti, comes from an ancient tradition going back Millennia. The collection in this calendar is my personal tribute to the people who live in one of the most exciting cities I have had the privilege to photograph.”

Photos via Pirellical

Watch video of the making below and let's share opinions.

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