Thursday, January 3, 2013

Musing - On Movies and Inspirations.

It's very true that what one person gains from a movie is not always exactly same as what the other gains from same movie...this I believe as agreed by few others is due to the fact that we are different, our thoughts, our sense of reasoning and articulation is totally based on several reasons such as; background, present status and opinion of life. 

But my question is why does the knowledge from one movie help another than the other?

Why does that smart person often end seeming foolish and the foolish being 'brilliant' or 'favoured' ? 

I love movies- watching them and sometimes discussing them but the problem is I don't often share same opinion or say observations with other viewers, why is that I ask? 

Another disturbing question is why do movies affect us psychologically or not? 

Even those that think they aren't influenced by it fall victim of the likeness they share for their favourite movie, action, romantic, drama, thriller or whatever it may be... Just 

What are your thoughts?


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