Thursday, January 31, 2013

Looking Back, Going Forward: Jewel by Lisa S/S '13

It's like a forgotten crush - if there's anything like that - but sure it's stronger than mere thoughts.
Somehow, it feels I missed out on a part of my life; it happened during the MTN LFDW 2012 
precisely the day Jewel by Lisa showcased. I must have been teleported to 
another world or sort because sincerely I didn't understand how I could've
missed out an essential detail of an entire week, an essential detail as the magnificent 
collection and show of fashion label Jewel by Lisa.

The Spring/Summer collection is beyond remarkable; it encapsulates 
African beauty to perfection. 

The entirety of the LFDW should be praised more than 
two lines I've noticed all over the internet. 
From the designs(over-the-knee pencil skirt, high-collar shirts, long sleeves, eclecticism of prints used) and styling (the makeup, hair and the shoes!!!) ....It was a proper representation of the brand's worth.

The S/S Collection:
With the use of lovely prints Lisa Folawiyo of JBL created pieces that wearable,
functional, tribal, artistic, and very accessible to anyone.
The cuts on each piece are carefully placed on parts of the body; parts that speak 
sexy all the way, Lisa combined several prints in one piece giving that
afrocentric, psychedelic sense of style to some pieces...quiet artistic I say.
For someone like me who's always particular about a complete storyline
in any design, this collection takes a A+ for that.

The hemlines are uniquely crafted to create shapes - slanty, zig-zag, oval, short-long, 
symmetric. Finishing on each piece in this collection also gets a good A (well, that's 
something of a brand of such status as JBL) considering I got a close-up, more like 
one-on-one look at them backstage and I was really impressed--We do have 
outstanding designers in Nigeria, those that represent good standard and definitely meet up to international standard any day and it's no doubt Jewel by Lisa tops that list.
I also  found the S/S campaign for the brand and well, there's just so little 
to say about an amazing brand as this.

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