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TREND FORECAST: For the Love of Fashion - Come 2013

2012 has been a very lovely and fulfilling year, with lots of good news, achievements, and discoveries, blessings within and outside the fashion industry.
In 2012 we saw different fashion trends revealed by various designers on the runway and in their look books but the question is what trends will be carried on into 2013. From the long list of trends that reigned through 2012, from sheer, lace, high slits, shorts, etc which ones will trend in 2013?

It’s obvious some of the 2012 trends will come along into the New Year but it’s apparent also that new ones will be discovered. I took up a challenge of looking through the past and most recent collections – Spring/Summer, Pre Fall, Fall/Winter, Ready-to-Wear to examine what trends so far within the last couple months, say three months will extend into the New Year. And yes, there are new trends, beautiful and safer ones too.
Some of these trends include; leather, stripes thanks to Marc Jacobs and Rebahia, lace …more lace, African print, folds & wraps, flares, capes and lines, holographic details and more.
My favourite pick of trends to watch in 2013 are highlighted below….

Yay! This is just the perfect way to show
fierceness in a sexy way.
Jason Wu Pre Fall 13

Details of leather highlighted by Elegante

I want this pant by Alice + Olivia

                                                    Alexander Wang never the cleanness here.


Mango brings chic back...

Ituen Basi went for a while but she returns with a 
big bang saying she still got game.

Of all designs by Obsidian this is one piece
that's really impressive; though the lace placement 
mixed with the velvet + the hand design all look same.
                                                                 LONG & SHORT
                                          This is one trend that some how sneaked in on us and yes,
                                                             it's doing well so far.

Bridget Awosika keeps it light and smooth.

Have you also noticed how some designers have 
found a way to influence Ankara into denim? Fantastic!

This trend is mature and daring...

Lovely design by Ejiro Amos Tafiri, been wondering
the adventurous celeb that'll dare to wear this on 
red carpet..

Grey is all about the casual effect,and I love that.

Thakoon, oh Thakoon, how I love youuu!
The beauty about Thakoon's designs is how he 
carefully highlights his details, just like the way he 
closely the above piece with a simple fold. 

AGU.. one of 2012 MTN LFDW contestants 
is already setting trends, nice. This piece shows how
to wear big clothing while keeping it fitted.

Bridget Awosika always sets trend, I remember her  
all white collection taking over the red carpet 
and editorials through the year. Watch out
to see more of her next year.

                                                                BENEATH THE KNEE
                                            It's clear now, beneath the knee is sexy and mature!

DSquare Pre Fall 13

IAFL pencil skirt is simply chic.

                                                       No, not sheer. It's the fishing net and
                                                                     it's back!

Omer Asim's collection at the LFDW 
remains a favourite; very significant.

Erdem shares the dream too, not sure 
if I can pull this look though, let's see
come 2013.

Think spray can, think washed out, 
think over emphasized, all in a good way.

AGU... again!

Blumarine RTW 

IAFL is another designer that stood out at the LFDW; her cuts, 
choose of fabrics and styling stood out in a way few 
understood, with several predictions to come, I advice...
Watch this one!

Prabal Gurung, have you hear, that you are my
latest fashion designer crush?
Well, yes you are,hope to see you set more 
path come 2013.

There's no harm in playing around, no hurt 
playing mix-match with your closet. 
JBL and more show how.

JBL mix-match outfit with a skirt, a shirt,
a waist coat,purse and those lovely sandals

The one-piece psychedelic dress by JBL

Grey multi-patterned dress could pass
for psychedelic...No?

Well, we cannot get enough of this thanks to MJ

Marc Jacobs collection of stripes has set the path
now, let others follow. I'm definitely rocking mixed 
stripes next year. Are you?

Rebahia is another lovely designer that thrilled
guest at the MTN LFDW 2012

These few for now,  but more to watch out for include; the vintage 20's style, high capes, frills, straight floor length skirts and more.

Wishing everyone all the very best in 2013...Remain stylish and live happy!


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