Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fifteen & Fabulous! Matthew Williamson Celebrates Fifteen Years With Exclusive 'Party Girl' Collection

My special interest in Matthew Williamson recently increased after reading an interview he did with a blogger recently. I don’t quite follow controversial fashion stories but somehow I have found unusual impulse to study a lot about this man and his brand – basically, he’s like my new MJ (Marc Jacobs). The concern took a rather drastic increase after he didn’t show up for the recently concluded MTN LFDW where he was supposed to close the entire event – well, Matthew himself didn’t show up but he was represented by his Business Partner and CEO, Joseph Valosa and a selection of elegant pieces from his recent collection was showcased around 11:09pm(yes! past 11pm) on Saturday, 27th of October at the Conventional Hall of Eko Hotel & Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Truly, I enjoyed the show and loved every piece showcased – I wanted it all. But again, I was very disappointed when informed of Matthew’s absence – gist of him being busy and all.

All good, I continued my stalk search on him and discovered this exclusive interview he did with celebrating his 15years in the industry. In celebration, Matthew created an exclusive collection the ‘Party Girl’. In the interview, Matthew speaks of his work and life.

British designer, Matthew Williamson speaks with…

Congratulations, Matthew – 15 years is a huge achievement. How have you managed to stay on top?
It really does seem like only yesterday when we created our first collection. I'm so lucky to still love my job after all these years – time really does fly when you're having fun, as they say! I guess I try to remain true to my brand's DNA with every collection. I think we have a strong identity, so now it's about building, expanding and adding freshness each season.
What is it about your aesthetic that is so enduring?
I try not to just make clothes, but to add something extra special to each piece and to tell a story with each collection. It's more about creating a lifestyle. I'm drawn to elements of nature, interesting countries, cultures and modern art. When you combine all these elements with handcraftsmanship, a rich palette and relaxed silhouettes, you have a bohemian undercurrent running through my work.

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