Thursday, November 1, 2012

"Luxury Sweet Candy" - ICONIC INVANITY MTN LFDW 2012 Collection

To fully appreciate the skills and effort involved in making a garment and an entire collection, you would have to see it up close and personal preferably before the fashion week starts or backstage minutes before the designers’ show, simply because it’s the visual impact that really matters. 

Few weeks, days before the LFDW started I visited few designers at their atelier and merging the experience gathered pre and during the show really gave me a totally different and definite understanding into the individual collections. Iconic Invanity’s “Luxury Sweet Candy” collection was one of few I previewed before the event proper. The interesting thing about such visits is that it helps sort out initial impressions, it then gives a clear view of the collection based on the designer’s aesthetics. For example, I discovered that the title of the collection couldn’t have been better to describe such an amazing collection of colourful and deliciously designed pieces. 

The sincere attention to details often revealed by the intricate beading style places Iconic Invanity on another platform from her peers. From tops, skirts, dresses and immaculate gowns, every piece from this collection have more structure and beauty than can be realized on the runway.


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