Wednesday, October 31, 2012

All Cut Up - Runway Review of Bridget Awosika's Collection At Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2012

Few designers I anticipated at the show didn’t quite disappoint me, for example Bridget Awosika and Omer Asim couldn’t have anticipated what happened. It was one thing both shows followed each other accordingly it was another thing – not good of course – considering the two designers share the same design aesthetics which was clearly revealed in their collection. I think this was a big miss on the organizers side – or not. But for future reasons some shows should just not follow each other e.g. Bridget Awosika and Omer Asim same way Celine will not be before or after Stella McCartney. 

Aside from this misses, both designers’ collection were remarkable; while Bridget Awosika inculcated lots of clean, easy wraps, precise layering and slits that again confirmed the brand’s versatility and sexiness.

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