Friday, November 23, 2012

FASHION FRIDAY : The Best of Fashion This Week - in Pictures!

Photo via DeLune

Hey Jessica let's sparkle! 
Photo viaWWD

                                                                  Photo via JakandJil

                                                  Yes, it's #BlackFriday I know that!!

                                                        Beverly Naya at BON Awards
                                                             Photo via BellaNaija

Elliot Evan Men RTW Spring 2013
Okay, I think this is pretty naughty...No? He's wearing that body fitting lace
and his hand....there? 
Photo via wwd

Now, that's a life in heels 
Photo via mylifeinheels

                                                              Photo via WWD

Now, that's hawt Anne!
Photo via here 

                                                Penelope Cruz for 2013 Campari Campaign
                                                                    See more here

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