Friday, November 23, 2012

FUN DISCOVERIES! Weekly Roundup: Top Web Post Links This Week.

This week has been very exhausting as well as interesting... First, am glad I resolved a long coming issue that's been real bothering me plus I made some dramatic, bold steps...yayy!

On my usual web snooping(or searching if you prefer) I discovered lots of interesting, entertaining, educative, etc stories/write-ups/opinion/gossip or whatever they be. Below my compilation list of different web post links.

Enjoy a terrific weekend!


Olivia Wilde Said a Great Many Things About Her Vagina Last Night –
(Btw, don't assume otherwise about my recent attraction to articles, stories about the vagina, it's just I happen to come by them these days. Also shares sort once in a while, perhaps I contacted the vibe from her...oops!)

(Replaced title) Sincerely, this is true and I'd like to know -

Tim Ferriss: On The Creative Process And Getting Your Work Noticed-


The World's Worst Thanksgiving, As Told By Advice Columns -

Johnny Depp's Awesomely Bizarre Photo Past(LMAO) -

How you can transform your life using the power of a single moment -
Opinion: Nigerian gays: Victims of ‘scapegoatism’ -

Photos via Christianarants , buzzfeed , Ladysadies

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