Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Oriental Influences - Ituen Basi at Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2012

Ituen Basi returns to the scene with a big bang. At first glance at this collection my thoughts instantly travelled back to a particular scene in one of my favourite seasonal movies – Sex and the City (SATC) featuring my favourite fashion icon and actress, SJP – Sarah Jessica Parker where she wore the famous Dolce & Gabbana body fitting dress that made incredible impact on the media because of its fabric which was a cut out of top fashion stories on D & G from way back 80’s. While that isn’t exactly the case with Ituen Basi it was a bit similar as Ituen’s choice of fabrics related not just with her stories but other top fashion stories in Nigeria. The strict patterns and cuts on the dresses, skirts and pants created with silk fabrics and laces perfectly matched the tops thus elongating the figure and giving the appearance of precision posture.  The entire collection by Ituen Basi which seemed very practical, bourgeois and very relevant answered my question of how fashion influences art and vice versa. I discovered art definitely relates with the world in general – the accurate way to explore the world, philosophy, politics and even fashion simply through creativity.

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