Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"Bicycle Thieves" - The Vlisco Jenz Collection by Kinabuti

Loosely Japanese shapes are an undercurrent to the season that recurred at the LFDW shows. Kinabuti’s ‘Bicycle Thieves’, a collection inspired by the simplicity of the countryside, rustic landscapes, rainbows, lushness of green vegetation, les beaux jours and nature in all its unbridled splendor featured lots of wrap-overs, high-crow necklines, waist-clinging shirts and fluid kimono pants that is the signature of the brand returns in darkly monochrome shades and influential Vlisco fabrics.

The collection is a melting pot of vibrant colours and choice fabrics, ranging from the deluxe Vlisco range, with a fuse of jerseys, soft linens, and a climax of denim. The pieces in this collection can easily fit into the wardrobe of the upwardly mobile, fashionable, yet suitable for easy going clients as it is a collection built around the versatility of personalities with a charming mix of softness and a blend of edginess. 

Photos: Lazailounge

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