Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ten Fun Things To Do During The Elections – The Stay-in Saturdays

I decided to come up with ten fun things to do during the elections, well aside voting...I came up with ideas that will probably bring back good memories as well spice up the moment.

1. Take time out to get good rest, you sure deserve it just like I do.

2. Renovate your living/bed rooms: sometimes a change in arrangement, design and colour of your interior raises your mood and gives more meaning to your place of living.

3. Get to know more about the political system in Nigeria: Knowing doesn’t kill, it majorly increases your knowledge.

4. How about a book reading session: Call up literary minds and share books, have a book reading session and maybe invite an author.

5. Make calls to long forsaken friends and acquaintances; at least you have a whole day to stay at home, well after voting.

6. Cook: Learn a new menu and try it out.

7.Sports? Yes, it’s a new season.

8. Pick up an old favourite book; fiction or non-fiction and re all over again, it’s fun.

9.Have a house party

10. Hang out with family members and reminisce

Finally, on Sunday night

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The Corner Shop said...

Book reading and house party? Unless you want to spend all day in someone else's crib, no thanks. I do like the rest though. Good ideas