Thursday, March 17, 2011

Meet Textile/Jewellery Designer Anita Quansah

I met a unique jewellery maker during the Arise Fashion Week last week, she's indeed a creative person. I took the priviledge to chat with her and you know, get acquainted. She sounded sweet and nice, since i found out her website is not up yet I thought it right to take pictures of samples of her neck pieces displayed in the VIP section of the event.

Anita Quansah is a London based textile designer that reworks recycled cloths into beautifully intricate fabrics which are used in haute couture collections, as well as her own clothing designs. She also utilizes this same sense of sustainable creativity when designing necklaces, incorporating found beads, chains and fabrics in innovative ways.Quite spectacular designs, I am very impressed.

Some pictures here I sourced from the internet, please check her designs and let me know what you think.

Check Anita Quansah's website at

The Designer, Anita Quansah

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