Thursday, September 23, 2010

Say After me.....

About.......The Power of Affirmation

Say after me.....’’I am a powerful, successful and spirited woman’’, ’’I am a powerful, successful and spirited woman’’, ’’I am a powerful, successful and spirited woman’’.
The power of affirmation, declaration and manifestation is a very unique and unfathomable source of good living. It has always been my guardian since I was (sceptically) introduced to it in my early days. It started a cycle in my life when I faced a cul-de-sac and desired new beginnings which I didn’t see coming. Every morning I woke up and longed for something extraordinary, something unique, something huge I could raise my head up high to say....Yes, I earned it!
As I grew older, my understanding of the power of affirmation increased tremendously. Then a wise mentor equipped me with the simple wand to the reinventions and I have witnessed the magic of it ever since. I have faced the start of each year, the beginning of every project and the limp into every relationship with the yearn for assurance, wishing each time that perhaps a fairy godmother or any good spirit would reveal it all and help me cope with the fast changing system of the world. But as an author says, ’’Solace does not always live in a crystal ball.’’ Where then does it laze?
The power of affirmation that leads to success lies no where else except in the tongue and the strength of the thoughts within. To every end and sphere of life I have applied the discipline of positive affirmation and come up with ideas and opportunities that breezes with optimism and under writes the notion of revival. With revival comes a sense of liberation, little wonder transformation happens everywhere and in the life of every individual. There is no permanent stagnancy in ANY life. Because for every being with a sense of reasoning and streams of thoughts, wanderings goes through. There are lots of mantras; the positive and negative ones. While it’s very possible to think positive, inspiring and successful thoughts within, but what the eyes sees of the future reconstructs and determines whether or not the supposed ’’positivity’’ within turns right or wrong.
To every sense of good is a measure of bad or evil. The power of affirmation goes a long way in any situation. And like the popular childhood adage, ’’action speaks louder than voice’’, the power to attract good and positivity is dependant on what the physical body finds to do in other to squirt the mind to constant optimism. But let’s not fool ourselves, we all like a sneak peak of the future as much as we should remain sober, positive and realistic, the speculation of things to come is part and parcel of living.
On the one hand, I don’t think any of us will be totally sad to see a play back of the previous year. It wasn’t kind or pretty for the psyche, but it was definitely a wake up call; and somehow I would refer to it as a rude awakening call as I saw meaning to much deeper matters but apparently the revelation came with a slam of regret and self-beatings. Most people I know and came across last year ended the year feeling the same – somewhat shaken and stirred. But not me, I ended the year with a very huge degree of positivity. I claimed, declared, desired, saw and received everything I longed for in the new year. Now is the year I saw and ventured into – the positives so desired are visible and more are in place – all to the power of affirmation.
Therefore, the power of affirmation, like every ’’good morning’’ and ’’good bye’’ means something. It’s not just about saying the say, but about saying the say with a great measure of affirmation. And positive affirmation it is. The power of positive affirmation doesn’t just let you say everything as it should be, even if you don’t necessarily understand why. It assures you there’s just something better, there’s a greater path and status.
At the start of everyday, we like robots, just climb on our routine system – wake up, dress up, traffic to, traffic back, dinner in traffic or no dinner at all, home, sleep. But we don’t realise that it’s during those trying periods that we need some mental support, some emotional gear up. The right moment to say the right words, ponder the positive thoughts and go ahead to affirm them. The world needs more positivity affirming people, these are not just people, but unique personalities that see beyond now, beyond the things that appear little but create greatness. Deep down we all know we like to spread the love, but usually, we are always too busy – obsessed with matters that ultimately doesn’t count.
How about you take up the challenge like most people are doing now, with a simple affirmation say ’’Yes, I can’’; (remember the Barack Obama mobilised slang). Pass on the message that brings hope and smile to faces. Learn to share a message of positivity, love and liberation and make affirmations of courage and hope, then believe that with the power of affirmation, everything is working right.....and really it is!

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