Monday, January 13, 2014

HOW TO: 9 Ways to get a Fresh Start

11.    Clear out your Google reader, cull your Facebook & Twitter friends, & unsubscribe from a few mailing lists.

22.    Take it a step further & give your email account a really good scrub-down! Delete all those old messages from ex-boyfriends, as well as notifications from eBay, Twitter or Facebook.
33.    Clean out your wallet, purse &/or handbag(s). Put all your receipts into some kind of filing system.

44.    Grab a big piece of paper & start to write down all your hopes & dreams. DREAM BIG. Write down all the cities you’d like to visit, the hotels you’d like to stay in, the people you’d like to befriend & the things you’d like to own.

55.    ...Better yet, have a “dream date” with one of your best friends! Drink wine or tea together, & allow your minds to drift & ponder the things you’d like to make happen in 2014.
66.    Change your passwords. I’m sure a lot of us are using the same old passwords we’ve had since the very first time we signed onto the internet, & I love the idea of leaving them in the past!

77.    Pick up a new day-planner which makes your heart sing! It’s almost impossible to be organised when you’re trying to keep everything straight in your head (unless you are blessed with a photographic memory!). Writing things down is seriously the only way I ever manage to get anything done!

88.    Resolve to make one BIG change to your appearance in 2014. Maybe you could get a new haircut or colour, take out a piercing or totally switch up your style… Whatever it is, keep it a secret! It’s always so much fun to walk into your house or place of work looking like a totally different person!

99.    Stock your kitchen! There are few things more satisfying than opening the fridge or pantry to see a magical cornucopia of delicious food & beverage options. I’m not a good food shopper — I put it off & barely have enough food in the house to scrape together the next meal — so when I do actually make it to Wholefoods, I appreciate it the next day!

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