Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Five Things

A short list of five things I love and cannot do without ... daily!

- Coffee: start the day beforing leaving for the office - with a cup of! Then latte for the midday and the rest as the mood desires.

- Google: Yep! I use google more than anything - more than twitter, even!

- Dictionary: Oh, I can search the meaning/currect spelling of any word any word - sex, lasagna, collage (Lol what a combination...*blank face*)

- News Feeds: The nature of my job does not allow me visit all my favorites and 'new' websites (even as it's suppossed to be the most important thing in my field) as often as I want to. So, I subscribe to posts, newsletters and breaking updates.

- Google Alert: I know, technology has gone past Google alert but frankly I still love that I receive a long list of alert on specific words, brands, names, etc

I think there's more but nah I'll save that for next time.

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