Thursday, December 26, 2013

Things I Love: Christmas Fest

I love any festive season, Christmas especially. Aside the chicken, champagne and cupcakes there are activities that make me want the season to last forever. But like they say, nothing lasts forever, so enjoy it while it lasts.

Here are some of the things I love about Xmas..

- The fact that it's just Christmas and it's all festive and Chrismas-sy (if you get) plus the parties! Oh the parties.

- I mentioned the parties above but the fact is I never really attend parties during Christmas or any time like that. I'd rather sit at home with a friend - watch movies, nibble on sweets, cocktails and wines. But hey, it's all about those loved ones yeah?

- I love the idea of getting that 'perfect gift' for that friend but actually get something 'small' but meaningful to me.

- The Ah-amazing meals!! Hahaa not really, just the fact that I have to imagine the best food this period. Afterall it's Christmas and January is for losing the fat.

- OK. Not like I don't do this half of my time on a daily basis, but this period helps me sit back, take a thorough look at my blog (after browsing through my fav. ones over 24hrs) before deciding new changes to make.

- Party with friends!! Party like it's the last day of 2013 (..duh?)
- I really appreciate the fact that everybody is happy - one way or the other, this season makes us all happy.

- Make one resolution (simple and resolute but covers every other sphere) for the new year.

- Hope for the best in the new year.

- While hoping, I get excited for the fear that grows (literally) in me for the new year. Like, how the next 365 days will be perfect, inspiring and memorable for all - family, friends, you know...what!?

Anyways, visualize and see it come to's all in the head.

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