Friday, September 20, 2013

BREW DAY at The Magneta Room - Grind. Brew. Enjoy!

 What's Brew Day?

It's the day that micro-cafe invites you to share in the fun of brewing coffee from scratch with...with them!

On Sept 29th, from 12 noon, they will hand grind gourmet coffee beans and brew the grounds in vacuum pots (steam punk style).

This event is open to everyone to attend but there are 25 spots available for anyone who actually wants to participate in the brewing process.

All you have to do is register ahead to buy your own beans for (N3,500) and on that day you can

1. grind and brew or
2. grind and take home or
3. buy two packets and do both!
If you want to brew hit them up or just message on their facebook page here -

It's gonna be a great chill session with iced coffee and iced tea available to buy and Yes, they will be cold brewing!

See you there!

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