Friday, August 23, 2013

POSH PANTS – Pajamas, Prints and Patterned

As seen around lately, pajamas have come to be the latest and easy-to-decide fashion trend at parties, clubs, cinemas, hang-outs even almost-corporate gatherings.

From shorts, three-quarters, long length, pajamas are the in-fashion trend especially for daring ladies who can work colour, size and shape in one look.

Whether it’s just the pants or the complete look; ladies are wearing it well and sweet; there’s also been the usual look of the all-prints look which often turns out to be an enduring high fashion trend.

It’s amazing how since when I noticed the trend few years ago online, till about a year or two ago when I finally saw a well-styled version at the AMFW {Arise Magazine Fashion Week} that the trend is still much in the style news, except only won by daring stylistas.

Gradually it has moved from the usual street style look to fashion magazine cover looks, style spotlights and even led to the launch of several labels largely dedicated to the pajama look.

All these leads to one important question I always ask when sometime new and trending gets my attention; where did the pajama style trend originate from? That we’d all agree will require long weeks of research and pondering. But long story short, it’s clear there’s nothing fashion lovers would not do to make an impact each season right. If not style it will be fabric, silhouette, etc

One thing is sure about this trend though…it will last a good while. I think it will even live through generations.

So rather than complaining and laying false comments on people riding on it, how about we trick and treat to it.

Cheers... more photos below.

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