Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Politely Impolite Gentlemen

I have a problem with ‘politely impolite’ men; men that stop for a lady to pass through the door, men that say fantastic/fabulous though they really do not mean it, men that offer pleasantries they don’t mean… {By the way, this is not a case of ‘what ladies want to hear’}

These men make me sick.       
Frankly, I am of the opinion that people should be who they want or feel comfortable being.

I mean, what’s the point stressing over being a ‘nice’ person when the word doesn’t even exist in your dictionary?

I’d say, stay true to yourself, that’s enough work.

So, how did I come about this? 

I noticed over the last few weeks I’ve been meeting men of this nature; men who say “oh please, after you” and “you can have this” but really do not know other simple gesture like waiting on others at the dinner table, and other simple gestures.

Why be polite about some issues and be totally rude or nonchalant about others?

I’ve had to work with lots of them but lately it’s beginning to seem like a matter that requires serious attention and perhaps correction….Gentlemen, keep your head straight, be an asshole if that’s who you are, some ladies like that. And be truly polite if that’s who you are, don’t manage both…it’s annoying for some.

Decide to be you, grow and nurture your attitude to what you feel comfortable.
After all there are bitches, proud of who they are; they live it, love it and succeed ‘in their own way’ while at it.

Live is about living the way we deem right, to us and sometimes to the people around us.

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