Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Life and its Bubbles!

Earlier today while relaxing on my bed facing my writing desk I noticed a new desktop I bought recently, just sitting by the side. The desktop still wrapped in bubble nylon somehow caught my attention and by some magical effect or another couldn't stop my gazing at it; after careful study of the nylon bubbles (which happens to be one of my favorite things – busting nylon bubbles that is) I realized there’s one yet undone, one round, unruffled nylon bubble yet to be busted….yay!  I didn't touch it though.

On an ordinary day I’d get up to bust the last bubble but I paused, looked at it again, there and then a though flashed through my mind “that’s exactly how life and success is”, what you ask?

Well, the truth is that somehow perhaps patience or maturity I observed the only left bubble which stood out of all the others but also could have gone unnoticed … Therefore, often times in life and our career we need to take a pause, look deeply at the situation of things. And there you’ll see that one part of you or your job, that stand out trait you need to work on even more to establish to greatness…work on that one thing/trait/skill and see yourself stand out amongst all simply because it’s your discovery, it’s your strength.

Yes! That’s life.

It’s all about the tiny little things that teach us the greatest lesson.

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