Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"The Feeling" isn't Exactly Mutual...

Except Orange Culture's F/W '13 collection is about breaking boundaries *which I'd really love* then there're few tailoring ethics that shouldn't be in this collection. While I totally get the idea of mix-matching, layering, contrasting etc here, I believe there should be a limit to standards - perfect layering isn't over-layering.

Layer, mix-match, pull-over, disguise and do every thing (editorial or styling) to pieces but please don't over emphasize points that should speak themselves ..the right people (the fashion/style conscious and experienced in this light) understand you, so personally I don't think a designer or stylist at that should put too much effort in emphasizing the obvious. It somehow speaks weakness.

This collection is brilliant, the styling is nice but overly emphasized in some areas, tailoring as said earlier will pass if the idea was to break boundaries.
I love the conjunction of art, patterns and all...very creative.

According to the designer Adebayo Oke-Lawal, the collection was built for “Woven Threads”, an exhibition organized by Lagos Fashion and Design week.  The exhibition looked to the future of Nigerian fashion as it explored the art of textile craftsmanship. Such traditional arts are an integral part of Nigerian heritage and cultural identity and bring employment and income for many communities in the country.

Hosted by the British Council and the British Fashion Council , Woven Threads completed the link between the art of textile craftsmanship and the fashion industry’s emerging talent in Nigeria, making its vision of synergy between the country’s garment heritage and blossoming fashion industry a reality
Orange Culture chose to explore Adire, designing and creating its adire print from scratch, aso-oke and cow skin leather,  using these exciting fabrics to tell the story of an artistic lover, who is crowned by the feeling of a love he fails to understand.
The orange culture man is quirky, edgy and very much fearless; he has no time for closed minded individuals.

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