Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Being Chic in CHiCHiA

This isn't exactly a collection I’d wear but I’ll like to credit the creativity beautifully … in words of course.

It’s not London here, so I can’t picture any of this fabric around here especially now that the weather is crazily hottt! I mean, I almost went to work naked today (not exactly). I wore a sheer top with just my brassiere and realized all the men I interacted with looked at nowhere put my chest, their pain I thought *wink*.

Thanks to AfricanFashionGuide, I stumbled upon CHiCHiA London’s A/W 13/14 collection and oh dear is it brilliant or what? The choice of fabric is obvious but the designs are what I am not quite convinced of. Questions I’ve asking include; who is the CHiCHiA woman? What does she do? Where does she go and who are her friends?
I guess I’ll need to study the label more to answer all that… So, while wondering if I’m excited, thrilled or stunned about this collection I’ll return to my favourite pals – Google, Wikipedia and CHiCHiA’s website to learn more.

All distractions aside, I love the collection, it’s African, beautiful and most importantly, creative.

Photos via AfricanFashionGuide

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