Thursday, March 14, 2013

Deola Sagoe Throws Back at the Future with 'KOMOLE' 2013

I love this collection, it's really Komole just like in the 60's. Reminds me of those old photos of my parents except the styling here is different. 
See; instead of the huge head styles or head gears, here the models adorn a rather more modern look almost as seen in Mad Men (on the women now); instead of the very big chunky heels, wedges worn then, here the models were very chic shoes ; lastly rather than double layers wrappers or heavy fabric, the fabric here is simple yet classic, vintage yet modern, cool yet mature, looking back yet fashion forward.
Each look is a perfect representation of future inspired vintage love of African fashion sense even in a very conventional way...It's beautiful, and graceful in a way.
With the right styling and accessorizing, each piece in this collection can be well dressed up for any occasion. Yes, from formal, corporate, casual, glam, 'Komole' can be rocked!
With wonderful photography impact by Kelechi Amadi-Obi and beautiful styling by the lovely Ifeoma Williams, this collection brings back the long desired sweetness of master designer and inspiration, Deola Sagoe.
More photos after the cut!

Photos via Deola Sagoe

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