Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Truly, TOM FORD is my Daddy

Matter of fact is, Tom Ford is officially my 'Daddy'. 
Yes, just the way it sounds, He is my Daddy - the man that provides my need even at this young fashion age of mine. I'm proud to be his daughter and I'm sure he is too.
Almost unlike him but very close home to him... It's known far and near that Tom Ford is all about surprises, that which makes you go : "uhhhh duhh, what's this?" After which you go: "wow, it's amazingly sexy though, in a cool way."

Tom Ford's collection at the London Fashion Week Fall Ready-to-Wear show is one that makes a man wonder how a woman can turn out looking so freaking sexy just in anything like that.  No debate, Tom Ford is the master of fierce sexiness; the mixture of sheer with print and floral in this collection is just so amazing. Fashion weeks can sometimes be boring especially when several designers repeat trends with no signature mark. 
It really can get tiring, but not for Tom Ford. His design never in any way appear similar to any other; he is distinct on his own even whilst still recreating a trend.Th efolds in this collection are totally not like few others I've seen this season that almost look alike, even the slits in this collection are in high function.
Then the exaggerated peplum jacket plus defined frills on the hemlines; the extra highlighted fur details, full length skirts and dresses, multicoloured coats, turtle necks, the cut-outs, the bright-coloured boots, the sleek hair, the nude makeup with super-defined cheeckbones and Liya Kibede... Oh, I think I just reached a fash-gasm! 

Photos via VOGUE

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