Sunday, February 17, 2013

Dating Game - Duro Olowu, London Fashion Week 2013

This is not one of those situations where I say something good because it sounds good. No,not at all... It is for a fact one of those moments where you see something you've always imagined in your head but haven't had the chance or clear understanding of how to put it down in words - well, maybe the exact words have been traded for something else; distractions of course.

He needs no introduction as he remains a regular on here. I'm always talking/sharing about him one point or the other - his collaborations  his fun and creative lookbooks and lots more. 
Duro Olowu is amazing and he represents his unique style very well in every collection he creates. He says fun, girly, sexy  as well as grown, decisive and confident all at once. He knows how to properly illustrates his designs while leaving little or nothing out. I mean, his use of prints is fantastic and the way he pairs prints and patterns up is tot-amazing.

Looking through images of his London Fashion Week collection I once again salute this wonderful man, his man 'African' Tom Ford meaning he speaks sexiness and femininity using the best things. He knows about the female body and makes easy, fun, flirty designs that sexily accentuates the woman figure...he's my kinda man.

To me being sexy isn't about wearing revealing, body-fitting clothes, it's a lot about how you can carry yourself - body and charisma - in whatever you're wearing. It's about how a woman can wear flared pants, dress or big coat or big shirt and still look silly sexy ---yes, 'silly sexy' is that that belongs to the Parisian woman. She calm, easy, not-very-proper but oozes so much sexiness that attracts attention. 

Duro Olowu's #LFW collection features several lovely pieces; from velvet, colour-popping fabrics, delightful prints and patterns, amazing floral coats, romantic lace and frills, holographic designs, lots of African fabrics used to create sweet pieces (...oh dear, I'm crushing on every piece), reversed trends like the plunging back line and a whole lot.

This is an interesting collection but I didn't quite like the extra colour given to the hair, plus just 18 pieces?

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