Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Musing ... On Radisson Blu and BRT Bus

The thing with Lagos and appointments is that anyone barely meets up with scheduled time, even those ones that often talk on Twitter about their disgust for latecomers. But frankly, they are guilty too   - one time or the other.
This first week of January started with documentations, proposal writings, pitching and more paper work. The second however has been quite the opposite, lots of meetings and run-arounds for partnership deals and editorial content for February & March editions of Mania magazine as we're working on two issues at the moment. 

Moving around in Lagos is nothing short of hectic, stressful, especially when there's no constant driver. On one of my occasional appointments transportation was a big deal considering of few reasons; regular taxi guy was out of town, mate's car was undisclosed, no friend was available to help, and somehow all good cabs were no more available in Lagos - perhaps they got banned too like the motorcycles....impossible!
So, I decided to go with the public transport - BRT. I thought it shouldn't be all bad considering the time of the day, 2pm when most people would be in offices and business places already. It was bad, not disappointing at all. It was peacefully okay, not as crowded as I often notice of the ones I are in the evening. The ride was smooth, breezy(no air condition) but comfortably bearable and neat too!
I alighted at the last bus stop and made me way with a taxi to the rendezvous - Radisson Blu.
Unlike those too worked days, I actually wasn't disappointed, it was a pleasant ride and meeting too.
All I think is needed is better management and perhaps more buses with air conditioning or fans aside that I think the only other issue is damaged roads....just saying. 

By the way, I typed this entire post in the BRT bus, how smooth!

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