Thursday, December 27, 2012

Creative Instinct: Best of F/W 2013 Campaigns - Miu Miu, Kenzo, Max Mara, Givenchy and More!

This is beyond words; love is just too plain simple to explain how I feel about these campaigns. Each campaign here shares clear details about the season, the trend being focused on by each designer and the creative details inculcated by the directors… frankly, the level of creativity in such cases as this impresses me a lot. I shiver, and begin to wonder how they sit, ponder and come to conclusion about the details, directions and execution of these campaigns. Kudos to all involved!
As mentioned in my several tweets about these campaigns, I don’t have a favourite but of all I’ve seen the past two to three weeks, these few have taken a huge space in my heart and I’ll love them for a long while.

Pictures of my top picks this season include;         

Simply ethereal...

How fierce can you be?

                                                                     KENZO F/W 2013

                                                             SPORTSMAX SPRING 2013
Now, this is how to work vintage, classic and modernism into 
black and white photography...gerrit?

                                                 MAX MARA STUDIO 2013 CAMPAIGN
                                 This campaign gives me joy. I mean, it's simply brilliant; the photography, the styling, the models - superb! The way the photographer places attention on the models yet revealing details on each piece is fantastic!

Beauty? Clothes/fashion? Both ...please!

The pleat details here is simply orgasmic!
                                              Models; Toni Garrn/Kendra Spears/JujuIvanyuk

                                                                       MIU MIU
It's all about clean cuts and statement pockets...

Notice the denim effect..

...and the lingerie meets fur..terrific!

Sexy much...
What you get when Carine Roitfeld styles..

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