Monday, November 19, 2012

When Losing It ....

There's a period of trial, of fatigue, depression..a time or season where it all seems stagnant and plain same. Yes, it happens to us all, even the toughest and most successful people. But hey, that's the time to try harder, see better and even reason more. While it can be super difficult at this time - oh I've been there too, I believe strongly in the saying "this too will pass".  

So what to do? Gather inner strength by listening or reading inspirational words, books, sermons, messages, speakers, etc that inspire you. I promise, you will feel refreshed. 

When refreshed, return to those dreams, that to-do-list, planner, wish list or what have, think and digest those words and dreams again, then re-structure. Build stronger forces, more definite strategies or ideas you can come up with ...see? It's all good again.

Follow through from there and see your dreams come to reality. 

Always remember, "wining is all about trying again and again till you're there"


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