Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Rambling: The Art Game - Of Sketches & Designs

Lately I've been pondering; in a city where art, real art is not well appreciates how does a growing sketch artist survive. This question came up after I've carefully studied a young man that comes around my work place, he's quite young, perhaps in his late 20's (well, not quite young anymore) he comes around almost everyday, makes up some sketches - promising ones that could be better- browses through the Internet, chat with couple people before saying good byes while also seeking fare favors. This wouldn't be wrong if not that it happens everyday which has got me wondering how do young, developing talents survive in Lagos? I remember about 5/6years ago when I decided finally it is and will always be the fashion industry, I strived hard, hoped hard(still hoping), worked lots of late nights, building new relationships in my career choice while also trying to maintain my unsteady family relationship at home. It was very tough, I did things I shouldn't have, some dim necessary and others which turned to be stepping stones for today. While I do not yet have the accurate answer to my answer I know I've come out strong and wiser like numerous successful people in the industry. But I'm still in search of what's really important: to seek 'helpers' who will support your dream while it's small and you're working towards being your own man OR seeking an opportunity to show your ability and work yourself out just to be the best man there? These and more are questions that to me determine a lot about who you are and where you're going. Just saying....still thinking. My favourite sketches ...

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