Saturday, July 7, 2012

Musing: The Thing About Martin, Martini & Me.

"Be sober, be very sober, if only for a few days" I repeated these words to myself continuously for two days over the last two weeks - but no, I couldn't sustain the indulgence of abstaining from a cup of Martini - ( yes I meant Martini up there not The relationship we both share started a long while back when i couldn't bare sticking with the other guys- Vodka, Henessey, etc I broke free from them I made a final decision to be with my only true love- Martini. I love Martin (the bartender who gave me my first glass of Martini at Flamingo;a couple of years back) but hey now I love Martini than him who hooked us up. I must admit however that Martini didn't just hook us up, he revealed what we both have in common; a gentle spirit that ignites passion as well inspires creativity- I remember days I couldn't really get much done without a cup of Martini...oh how we adored each other. Martin also revealed that Martini and I also share a freshness that's crispy and sweet; if it's reddish, smooth and sexy, It's us both. On those days when all I really want to do is relax even while working but I can't Martini fits right into the situation relieving of that languid feeling- now, that's a relationship to cherish. In summary, I'll say a big thanks to Martin, my favourite mixologist, as he prefers- who hooked Martini and up and also taught me the numerous Martini cocktails. And to be BFF, Martini I say, may this amore continue.

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