Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rambling: Dining and Dating

There’s this thing about Nigerians, it’s that women/ladies should not get used to eating out because it’s accepted by people – especially her potential husband and his family that if she is then she’s spoilt and likely cannot cook a good meal. Well, true or not, I have spent half my time dining at one restaurant or the other; almost half my income comes from my dining reviews. Reviews I submit to favourite publications like The Guardian,, StyleView, Voyager,etc but sincerely, I see no harm in a woman who loves to dine out. She definitely enjoys dining out and when she finds a man …or woman chef that can give that she starts a relationship. Now is that wrong? While I’ve for a long while been addicted to dining out – dating and losing lots of my favourite chefs and restaurant thereby, I have also learnt from the experience as a whole. Now I am a great cook! LOL! Yes, my adventure in the dining world has been crowned with what most women desire – ability to make outstanding dishes that leaves everyone salivating for more. I’ve earned myself overtime tons of videos on cooking from top chefs around the world as well as great cook books. Starting that now, I can move on to the next stage …… wait for it ….. I’m going to get a boyfriend, LMAO! Ofcourse I need a boyfriend who I’m going to over feed (no, not make him fat!) with my different cooking adventures. Afterwards, I’ll gather all that’s necessary to bring to pass my long term desire to own a beautiful; top-class restaurant on the island, the restaurant will be known to be one with the best d├ęcor ever; the best chefs, professional and exquisite. It will be a three-dimensional restaurant, I’ll stop here for now…it will not be proper if I spill all my wonderful ideas on here right? So, all my dining experience will not be to waste after all… ------ to be continued.

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