Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Film in May as part of the historical projects at The Life House will focus on the theme: The History and Politics of Destruction, Reconciliation and Restoration Thursday 17th May NAIJ: A History of Nigeria (2007) Duration- 150 minutes Director-Jide Olanrewaju There is no end to the debate on whether state structures left by departing colonial powers have been more of a help or a hindrance to the development of Africa. Naij: A History Of Nigeria (2007) explores this theme in its telling of the story of Nigeria through its tumultuous transition from British Colony to Oil State. Using a combination of rarely seen archive footage, historical papers and interviews, the film attempts to explain how Nigeria has developed into the country it is today while shining a light on some of the individuals whose actions have helped shape the nation. Although completed in 2007, it remains a must watch for students of contemporary Nigeria History. Reel Life Film Club Films are screened every Thursday and are free...come one come all! INFO AND RESERVATIONS - 0703 403 0683 (sms only)

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