Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Prowl Moments

For Prada, it’s all about the fun, the colour and the simple joy of trying we truly desire…I often view Prada as luxurious brand and yes I didn’t turn out wrong. Prada is a luxury brand, but a luxury brand that comes off as simple, comfortable and desirably acceptable. It’s one the labels you wear and feel both classy and comfortable in – comfortable here means few words, in my terms; reasonably affordable, commercial and convenient.
After spending almost an hour researching and reading all about Prada yesterday I came to the conclusion that at least one Prada item is essential in any wardrobe - well, maybe wardrobe of any fashion lover. So, the rule is; if you don’t own one yet, work towards it, get one item at least. And hey, make sure it’s real (though there’re very few fake Prada products), don’t get it twisted.The shoes below are few of the Prada items that have cut my attention lately…the flexibility of Prada’s creativity daily amazes me; it’s one of the few collections I look forward to every season- another is Chanel.
For each collection there’s always a clear definition, an outstanding relation that sometimes seems not to correlate but yet do. I cannot quite pin-point this fact but Prada sure stands out. The designs are unique, the choice of fabric never seizes to attract attention and that touch of class is just in place. I could continue all about Prada and my endearing love for her but till I can actually count two/three/four and more Prada items – preferably one of these fire or car flame shoes – in my closet I’ll gladly take a pause to pursue other things that will bring all that and lots more to fulfillment. Again, to the one word, fashion brand and name I call with so much passion and caution I say cheers to a very Prada-li-cious day!

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